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Panama City Beach Florida May 2009

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Special Thanks to Meridith Kaufman, News Herald Writer, The Panama City News Herald

1. Where are you from?
I’m a local. I have lived here for nearly 20 years.
2. What is Occupy PC? It’s a local branch of Occupy Together, the umbrella organization behind Occupy Wall Street.
3. Who are you trying to target to come out to the event? Ordinary citizens. We are not affiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties, George Soros or SEIU, despite what you have heard on Fox News.
4. Who are you trying to reach through the event? Politicians? Banks?
Ordinary people. Politicians are bought and paid for by Wall Street and the bankers. They will never offend the Big Money people that bankroll their campaigns.
5. Where will the event take place? A & M theater, 563 Harrison Ave.
6. What time? 2 pm on October 15th
7. How long will it last? that depends on turnout
8. Why did you decide to pioneer this event here in Panama City? To raise awareness. The system has failed us.

9. What makes Panama City a good location for this event? Are a lot of people here in debt? Annoyed with the government? It’s actually not a good location. It is a very conservative town and we expect strong opposition and hatred due to the biased reporting of Fox News. We are not communists. That is just plain stupid. Personally, I feel it is the right thing to do, which is stand up for the ordinary citizen that is too busy working to participate. I feel that yes, many are in debt, unemployed and are opposed to the direction the government is heading.

10. What do you plan to do with your protest? That has not been decided. I do not see us camping out as of yet.

11. It’s mentioned that you’ll be having a General Assembly, what will you be discussing? What ideas to adopt. How we will organize ourselves. We do not have any official leadership at this time.
12. How did you come up with the list of goals? From reading about what other cities have done and ideas discussed online.

13. How do you plan on protesting? Peacefully with signs? Yes.
Are you going to a particular location outside? No decision has been made as of yet. I am leaning toward the Bay County Commission building. Such a waste of taxpayer money.

14. How do you qualify as part of the 99%? I’m poor, unemployed with student loan debt and not a member of the elite. The top 1% control 42% of all wealth in the US. That is the origination of the 99% designation.
15. What are you most excited about with this event? To have a high turnout.
16. What do you hope the outcomes of the event are? To raise awareness about the problems we face as a nation and highlight the failure of our system to do what we were promised it would do.
17. Why in Panama City? To challenge the local establishment to make decisions for all of the people and not for personal gain

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  1. For those in this movement you hart is in the right place, but be careful. So little is the problem yet seen, if this is the state of mind which makes those of you drif into a new world, nothing is more urgent than that you should seriously examine the real significance of this revolution that is taking place and be prepared to accept the consequences, many will not believe until the connection has been laid bare in all its aspects.