Tentative List of Demands/Goals

UPDATED– Demands to be considered will include:

Pass financial reform. The Consumer Protection Act Would at
least  be a start
Tax reform:  Roll back Bush Tax Cuts, Increase inheritance,
Hedge fund,and corporation taxes, and aggressive closure of tax
loop holes

The following is a list of demands to be made by Occupy Panama City pending ratification by the full General Assembly scheduled to meet October 15th:
We are the 99%.
1. We demand Debt Forgiveness Now.
Forgive all student loans.

Forgive underwater mortgages. Forgive credit card debt.
Declare a debt jubilee and free the people from economic slavery!

We demand jobs that pay us enough to free us from public assistance. We are not bums. We only take food stamps because we are forced to.

We do not hate capitalism.
We hate crony capitalism, also known as Corporatism.
The multinationals have bought our government.
2. We demand an end to the corruption in government.
3. There must be an end to the evil Federal Reserve.
4. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner MUST resign.
We demand better choices for Governor of Florida.
A choice between a CEO and a former banker is no choice at all.
5. We demand full implementation of the NESARA Act.
(Google it, it means prosperity for all Americans.)
6. We demand Disclosure.
We demand the truth.
We demand to know what is really going on in our government.
We demand an end to all wars. We cannot afford them anymore.
7. We demand a repeal of the PATRIOT Act.
We demand an end to mass surveillance and spying.
8. We demand an end to the War on Drugs.
We demand truth from the mass media.
We are tired of your hatred and scapegoating.
This movement is not controlled opposition.
We do not work for the President.
We intend to hold him accountable.
We will boycott all that do not comply.
9. We demand the right to express ourselves
…without being tasered, beaten, maced and arrested. 

The 1st General Assembly will be held on Saturday, October 15, 2011, at 2:00 PM We will be at the A&M Theater, 563 Harrison Ave, Panama City FL

Thank you for joining this movement.
Mr. Z of @OccupyPC part of the #OccupyTogether coalition

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5 responses to “Tentative List of Demands/Goals

  1. I have some serious disagreement with blanket mortgage forgiveness and credit card forgiveness as politically, possibly, even morally as not right. There are many mortgages that deserve to be reopened and reworked in favor of the buyers. I would also consider student debt forgiveness or at least a hefty federal help. I would favor free college and post grad education as a needed national investment in our future. Maybe in return for public service as is offered to our service men and women.

  2. Good platform. Don’t disagree with any of your “demands” or planks. Unfortunately, the American huddled masses will not try to break free of their chains because they do not even know they are enslaved. It will take many more foreclosed upon homes, lost jobs, reams of student debt, bankruptcies, etc. (blood in the streets) before the masses rise up and revolt.

    If enough people could be educated on the Federal Reserve and fractional banking, it would be a start.

  3. I am proud to see my fellow Americans finally standing up for the REAL people out here working, paying our taxes and expecting decency and integrity in business and in government. We entrust our elected officials with our hard earned taxes paid in good faith to support the things that serve us ALL, not just the wealthy. While our country falls apart from lack of investment in our own infrastructure and education and loses standing and reputation world wide due to greed and corruption, we honest taxpayers are forced to pay for un-called-for wars and bailing out banks who set up a scheme to make themselves rich at our expense? It’s about time we stood together and said, “We’re not going to take this anymore!” I’ll be there tomorrow with bells on!

    Susan Hettick

  4. A note on taxes. There is only one entity that pays taxes…and that is the consumer. Corporations don’t pay taxes. You can raise the corporate tax to 100% and it won’t do anything but raise the cost of goods and destroy job creation.

    One more thing…they are the Obama tax cuts now.