A note regarding haters and hate speech

Hateful comments will be deleted. You think you understand this movement based on watching Fox News every day. This blog is not for you. I am not interested in your criticisms unless they are actually constructive.


A note to “Mr. X”: Your original comment has been restored, despite the fact that I dislike your disrespectful and mocking tone. I am under no obligation to post your other comments. I am willing to post more in the future if they are respectful. It’s not censorship if you are a troll.


3 responses to “A note regarding haters and hate speech

  1. Zzzz, looks like it’s just you and me. Why don’t you want to have an honest conversation? You keep deleting my posts. I thought you were a free expression guy? Why have you resorted to censorship? I called you no names, I agreed with some of what you said, yet you censor my comments? Why not leave them up and let the other 98% decide for themselves?


  2. I disagree with you and that makes me a hater. You delete all of the comments that back up my position, while you cry out for free expression. You make it impossible to take your movement seriously. That is why you are mocked. They interview your supporters on tv and they can’t even tell the reporter why they are there. You want free money and higher wages while at the same time, you want to put the screws to the very people that pay those wages. You just don’t make sense.

    This will go nowhere. Your “platform” is built on sand…


  3. Dear Mr. X: The OWS movement is a withdrawal of the consent of the governed. It’s not a war on capitalism. It’s an acknowledgement that we are doing capitalism badly, and in a way that does not serve to help real people in their real lives. To repair the system will require government to step up and take action, other than deregulating, which led to exactly where we are today. Because of reckless deregulation, the MARKET quickly devolved into one of wealth-concentration, rather than wealth-creation – as it was initially intended. Our movement is demanding our government return to regulating the market so it serves its original intent of wealth creation.

    Using your own logic, Mr. X – those who REALLY have built their platform on sand are those who perpetuate the myth that our capitalistic system is for the “Haves” and “Have-Mores,” and that somehow it is in our best interests to let them distort and pervert the original intent of the American system of free-market capitalism.