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About 40 people were at our very first General Assembly. The following quotes are from today’s Panama City News Herald article.

“This is just an organizational meeting, and it might be our last,” said Occupy Panama City participant Bob Gilmore. “We’re just trying to figure out who we are. This has the potential to mushroom into a social change, and this is how all of the big ones started; civil rights, women’s right, labor movements. It starts with all of us ‘crazy crackpots,’ but we’ll see what happens.”

Mark Clements of Panama City said “I don’t agree with how Congress is being run. Thomas Jefferson would be cheering right now for what we are doing.”

Steven Imnof, 63, is a professional mediator.“Personally, I am for a strong economy, a strong capitalist society and we’re for America, but our capitalist society is broken and we need to fix it,” Inmof said. “The only thing we can do here in Panama City is bring attention (to the fact) that we represent everyone, even people who think they’re against us. Our goals would help them too.”

It was disappointing to have locals protest our event. They had no interest in actually contributing to the General Assembly but disrupting it instead, then they chose to use the pretext of the building not being ADA accessible to complain to the media and scream at our members.

“Stupid, liberal left wing nut rally,” screamed Karen Delaney. About 10 protestors stood at the bottom of A&M Theatre, taking pictures of people going in and out (like an intelligence or law enforcement agency) and calling for the General Assembly to be held out in the streets (so we could be arrested for not having a permit).

The article clearly states that “the majority of the General Assembly offered to carry the man upstairs!”

The owners of the building are the ones who have violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, not our group. Why did they choose to act that way? Some locals are just hateful.  Read the News Herald Squall Line tomorrow. You’ll see.

Thank you to everyone that attended, and special thanks to WJHG and The News Herald for covering our meeting.

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