New October 17th tentative list of goals

***There is only one local group named Occupy Panama City

From Diane Reeves

Note: Neither list has been approved by the General Assembly.


1. Campaign Finance /Lobbyist Reform – Limitations

2. Healthcare Reform – final position needs further discussion.

3. Reform Taxes to bring fairness and equity – Balanced Budget, etc.

4. Corporate Accountability and Responsibility – Reform.

5. Constitution and Government limits/responsibility – final position needs further discussion.

6. Wages – especially minimum wage – needs further discussion.

7. Military action – limit to Declared Wars and insist only Congress can declare war. Also end American Imperialism.

On the state and local level:

1. Address excessive fines and fees as a means of generating state/local revenue.

2. Address abuse of eminent domain by local and state government.


tentative (plural tentatives)

  1. A trial; an experiment.

[edit] Adjective

tentative (comparative more tentative, superlative most tentative)

  1. Of or pertaining to a trial or trials; essaying; experimental.
  2. Uncertain; subject to future change.



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