Gulf Coast State College, October 22

SATURDAY, October 22,
THE FOOT OF THE HATHAWAY BRIDGE ON THE COLLEGE SIDE. 2 PM. We will gather at municipal park behind Gulf Coast State College near the shore. Those who want to display signs to traffic can do so while those who want to discuss strategies can do so at the picnic tables across the parking lot.

We are UNITED by one cause, Wall Street.
Some of us are young and some are older, some are affiliated with a political party and some are non partisan, some intense about job creation and others focused more on corporate influence in politics, some want to talk about who we are and others want to get out and protest. Wall Street abuse has united us and non of these difference need to divide us.
Focused on the issues that unite us, there are no ‘others’ among us. We are the 99%, the “others” are the 1% that we are exposing


2 responses to “Gulf Coast State College, October 22

  1. That was a great day for Occupy PC! The news coverage was great!
    It was great to see the three people there!