A note from Occupy Panama City,Fl

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We as the admins have been working together to do the footwork to bring a legal, peaceful occupy with location being key and time to get it set in motion. I know it is difficult to be patient and I guess we should be addressing more out loud what is going on. We have already made the attempt to get help from anyone willing to no avail. It is hard to get everything together without much help, but we will be expecting to have more of the answers we seek soon. If anyone is willing to pitch in and find out what’s needed please email at occupypanamacity5@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for any help and support.

Since this page is for EVERYONE, the question is what does Everyone want to do?? Have “meetings” as they way they have been? Or, is EVERYONE looking to protest? Stand up and show solidarity with OWS? Is everyone looking to camp/protest? Truly Occupy? This is the question of the day! And we need your responses! If you wish to remain anonymous, please feel free to send us an email at occupypanamacity5@gmail.com just to show your support. Thanks to ALL. Looking forward to some Answers!

(We REALLY need some people to respond. I have yet to recieve any response from anyone. We really need help geting things in order and together. Please respond ASAP if you are able.) Thanks!

November 3 Update: We had 20 meet at Gastons in Panama City and chose a plan of action.
We will be meeting each week, Saturday afternoon at 2pm at the College. We will meet at Carl Gray Park and move out to the stop light in front of the college. Spread the word and join us. Bring signs, your voice and energy.

We will also be at the down town Friday Fest Nov. 4th starting about 7 pm with signs. Occupy Panama City will have a booth. We will be in front of Rachel’s just south of 4th street.


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