The Story of Mr. Z, Occupy Panama City

“I choose to be known as Mr.Z.  Z is for Zucotti, the birthplace of the Occupy movement. I love the spirit of this movement and how they speak truth to power. I am proud to represent and fight for the nameless and faceless however I can. I have a lot of compassion for the poor, people that don’t have lobbyists. I jumped at the chance to help any way that I could, because I personally identify with the 99% and I am very passionate about the issue of income inequality and corporate greed during the worst economic times since the Great Depression.

I do this anonymously to protect my family from reprisals. I confused the local media that contacted me before the October 15th global protests when I told them we are a leaderless movement, that I’m not out for fame and my responsibility is to our members, not them. They wouldn’t quote me because of “corporate policy”. Whatever. I see myself as a middle-of-the-road American who cares about the future of this country and our planet.
I am a local white male. I have lived in Panama City ( an ultraconservative part of northwest Florida) for over 20 years. I am in my mid-30’s and I don’t think I’ve ever had a good paying job working in the local tourist-based economy. The 2010 BP oil spill didn’t help at all either. Right now I am unemployed with no car, have only an EBT card to my name, and I still owe close to $40,000 in student loans. I am scared for my future. I do this anonymously to protect my family from reprisals, because they struggle on little money themselves as well. From my point of view, we the 99% are all in this together, and we all have different roles to play. This is mine, so I try to do the best I can with what little I have.

I do NOT work for either the GOP or Democratic Party. I’m an independent, and I see myself as just an ordinary patriotic American who cares about our future. When I saw an Occupy Together group on formed last October 8th, I knew it was time to help and this is what I was meant to do. ( )
I write a blog ( ) and run a Twitter feed (!/OccupyPC )but I do not speak for the group, despite what all the people sending me hate mail over the last several weeks believe. I’ve be called both a Nazi and a Communist, but to be honest I have never met anyone who was either. Stay strong occupiers, because this is just the beginning for us. I truly believe we can do great things together.”

Mr. Z
Occupy Panama City


The #Occupy movement is making a difference

“Few tangible effects of Wall Street protests” announces the November 17th News Herald article headline. No tangible effects meaning: no tax reform legislation, unhinging greed and money from politics, no solution to home foreclosures, no jobs program. Is that our expectation of instant results or an attempt to discredit what has been amazing accomplishments and an introduction to a social movement in the digital age.
The article belies the headline and details Occupies most certain accomplishment “ They’ve shifted the center of the gravity of the debate so that the whole question of wealth and privilege is now being discussed…in a democracy what people are talking about matters.”
Yes, finally every news outlet has been carrying and debating news stories about wealth inequity, tax disparity, debt burden on students, the direct effects of deregulation and greed on steroids.

No movement in US history has utilized digital communication to organize like the Occupy Wall Street Movement. How this unfolds is uncertain, but we only need to look to the “Arab Spring” for a sense of how effective Facebook, Twitter, Wiki, etc. can be to grass roots organizers.

As a member of Occupy Panama City, demonstrating every Saturday at GCSC, our informal survey of horn-honkers and thumbs up signs, indicate that the majority of responders identify with the “We Are the 99% “ message.

Hold your judgment, the Occupy Movement may be just the remedy to 30 years of “trickle down economics”, deregulation, and greed gone wild..

Robert Gilmore

Occupy Panama City

Opinion: Time to take on the Democratic Party establishment

I am disgusted by what happened in New York City last night, November 15th, 2011, and what has been happening across the nation over the last few days. There has been a coordinated effort to attack us with local police, but Bloomberg and his kind cannot evict a movement. It will only grow, and we will leave the Democratic Party behind.

Yeah, I said it. Goodbye, Dems. You have failed us.

Today I read that incompetent Democratic Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and Democratic Portland Mayor Sam Adams actually admitted that their respective cities coordinated the crackdown on the #Occupy Movement with Homeland Security, DoJ and the FBI. Who created DHS? Democrats. Who runs the executive branch? Democrats. The President? Only out for himself.

The Democrats refused to help #OWS.  The Democratic Party is morally bankrupt and spineless. We have seen how Obama and Democratic establishment have let #OccupyWallStreet down. They promised us everything, and have given us nothing. The local Democratic Party in Panama City is pretty much non-existent. George Soros is not paying us. Big Labor and ACORN are not paying us.  Those are all propaganda and lies from the evil Fox News, defenders of the 1%.

To the assorted conservatives, cranks, wingnuts etc: If #OWS is a Democratic Party front, where is the public support from them? From the President? Nowhere. Republicans, #OWS is way beyond your petty partisan squabbles.

The Tea Party originally started to take over the GOP establishment, against cronyism, the Federal reserve and mounting debt but you lost sight of the original goals of the movement. Enough with the attacks on the Occupy movement. You should join us, because you are NOT rich, and never will be. The Democrats are regulating you to death and the GOP is the party of the rich. You have no home. The system has failed you. It has failed all of us.

We will take on the Democratic establishment, not take over. There is nothing there to take over, just a collection of individuals with a (D) beside their name.

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill