The #Occupy movement is making a difference

“Few tangible effects of Wall Street protests” announces the November 17th News Herald article headline. No tangible effects meaning: no tax reform legislation, unhinging greed and money from politics, no solution to home foreclosures, no jobs program. Is that our expectation of instant results or an attempt to discredit what has been amazing accomplishments and an introduction to a social movement in the digital age.
The article belies the headline and details Occupies most certain accomplishment “ They’ve shifted the center of the gravity of the debate so that the whole question of wealth and privilege is now being discussed…in a democracy what people are talking about matters.”
Yes, finally every news outlet has been carrying and debating news stories about wealth inequity, tax disparity, debt burden on students, the direct effects of deregulation and greed on steroids.

No movement in US history has utilized digital communication to organize like the Occupy Wall Street Movement. How this unfolds is uncertain, but we only need to look to the “Arab Spring” for a sense of how effective Facebook, Twitter, Wiki, etc. can be to grass roots organizers.

As a member of Occupy Panama City, demonstrating every Saturday at GCSC, our informal survey of horn-honkers and thumbs up signs, indicate that the majority of responders identify with the “We Are the 99% “ message.

Hold your judgment, the Occupy Movement may be just the remedy to 30 years of “trickle down economics”, deregulation, and greed gone wild..

Robert Gilmore

Occupy Panama City


One response to “The #Occupy movement is making a difference

  1. Bob, Did not see todays News Herald but I can imagine what it did not say. Have great Thanksgiving and will see you soon. There are no updated post on the Occupy site about the last meeting or the Saturday signing events. Were you going to post something?