The 99% Marches On

DO they think we are scared?

that we wont keep going?

that the cold weather will just make us all forget?

thats who they are dealing with,Americans!
they are the ones that are scared.
that’s why they are doing all of the crazy ”fascist” bullshit they have been doing. who do they think they are dealing with?Americans!

WE never give up, WE never give in! WE fight to the end!

WE always have always will.

These are our rights they are trying to take away!

These are our rights, so we will not let them take them away!

WE are the numbers. this isnt some ass backwards country that drink

s from the same place the sewer runs to.

Fear is their only god.Anger is a gift.



We The People

Occupy Panama City


5 responses to “The 99% Marches On

  1. Come out on Saturday and bring your sign and interact with the OccupyPC citizens. Not to be critical, because your words are well meant and express your passion, but what this local effort needs is visibility.
    Saturday, tommorrow, 2 – 4 at the corner of Hwy 98 & 23rd St. in front of the Gulf Coast State College sign. Join us.

    What is Henry About? Making Bay County a Bicycle Friendly Community for all who love and appreciate our wonderful climate and location here in Northwest Florida.

    Running for Office: County Commissioner of Bay County
    State: Florida
    District: District 3
    Party: Green Party

    • Henry,
      What you don’t seem to get is that online visibility is important too. I interact with occupations all over the world on a daily basis.

      In 2011, what I do has actual value, so I ask you to respect that, sir.

      • Don’t bother Henry, “Mr Z” is a gutless hack so worried about “reprisals” that he’ll never come out of his mom’s basement and make an actual stand. He types innumerable posts to various pages because it’s easy and anonymous, but when physically required to make a stand it’s always a Brady Bunch “something suddenly came up”… obviously he only holds his convictions as long as he can be anonymous and secure from the percieved blowback of giving his precious very important opinion. How courageous. Countless times I’ve asked legitimate questions about why he believes what he believes and he just deletes my comments and calls me a “fox news republican”… whatever that means. When confronted with someone who makes common sense observations and wants clarification he shuts down. Typical.

        When I call him on it in public on facebook for all to see, confront him with the gaping holes in his strange version of logic, he deletes those posts and tries to prevent me from posting anything else on there. Silly boy, I can post there whenever I choose as I’ve shown you.

        BTW, I suggest you leave this comment here, unless you want to start that silliness up again.

  2. You are wrong.

    So you “threaten” me with flooding my e-mail with the same shit over and over.
    (That is what this dickhead does.)

    My delete button works fine, thanks.