LSX calls for UK national day of action

Occupy London Stock Exchange has called on the concerned British nationals to participate in the movement’s two months anniversary in order to highlight Britain’s social and economic injustice.

Describing December 15 as a national day of creative non-violent direct action, Occupy LSX activists invited all communities across Britain to get involved and struggle the false economic policies imposed by the British government. They are to announce that it is the proper time for the British authorities to make changes to their strategies and create a better society.

Occupy LSX has urged the public to consider the role banking and financial industries have played in extending social and economic injustices and creating economic crisis.

Dubbing the movement’s two months anniversary as “Occupy Everywhere,” Occupy London considers itself as being part of a global movement that has been calling for financial justice and real democracy all over US, Southern Europe and the Middle East.

In a statement issued on its website, Occupy LSX stressed that all over the world anti-capitalist activists “are standing up, stating that the crises of unregulated finance, broken democracy, and corrupt institutions will not be solved by those who caused them.”

Frank Hobson, Occupy LSX supporter, said that Occupy movement has brought a new way of thinking, as it has talked about what a just society would mean.

“We are not talking about David Cameron’s phoney Big Society, but something real that we can all be involved with and have a stake in. Think creatively about what you and your friends could do. It could be as simple as getting involved with your local Occupy occupation, setting up a Facebook event for your own Occupy get together, or holding an event at your local hall, school, university, union or church,” Hobson also said


via Press TV


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