Don’t lose hope

from Occupy Panama City on Facebook…
Don’t lose hope, it’s hard to come together sometimes. With such a strong worldwide movement, never ever lose hope! Even when it’s tough to do it, you should still try, even if it feels like you’re talking to a wall. What you’re doing is the right thing! The movement is coming along quite nicely here! It’s a meager core group at the moment, but it’s still really fun out in front of the college, protesting and talking and seeing everyone’s responses as they drive by. The movement isn’t dead, and you should join us! We’re not having a protest this Saturday due to the holidays, however we’re meeting on New Years’ Eve at 2:00 in front of the college before we all go celebrate a new year! If you want to join you’re always welcome! We have extra signs, but you can bring your own if you wish. Bring friends! Our core group is not ready to give up, even if it’s just us or half the town. We want to keep this movement going. We want a better future. We aren’t letting negative or inactive people stop us. Why give up when what you’ve started is blossoming before your eyes? This page shows you that you’re not alone. Never, ever lose hope. If you need to know anything, know that.

Part 2:

From Occupy Panama City,Fl on Facebook

HEY YOU!!!! YEA YOU!! PARTICIPATE……ALL of you , participate in the page, other pages, all pages,THE #OccupyPC movement, the entire movement of the occupy………participate! What are you afraid of? All you are doing is sitting on your ass at home reading through the internet and watching tv! Stand up for what is right, Stand up for what you believe in, Stand up with all your fellow Americansand be herd! It is time not to go home because it gets a little cold, it is not time to give up because it looks like so many other have, it is not time to bow to the Communistic views of our government, And it is not time to shut up….We are many voices, and together we will be loud, And together we will be as one, And together we will fight, Our Government and the 1% all the dam way! So, I say again, Get off your dam asses and help! EVERYBODY….

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